it seems – at least musically  – we are living in a period of constant ‘next levelism’.  if you follow reviews and twitter feeds it would appear that with each passing week we somehow leapfrog ourselves with a new and better hybrid futurism.  the result?  outside of destroying the notion of levels i’m not quite sure.  what i do know is this.  sans any sort of hyperbolic game-changing proclamation (i.e. OMFG THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING) i think its safe to say that Paul White is really talented.  if you have heard his other offerings then the quality that is Paul White and the Purple Brain should come as no surprise.  if, however, you haven’t had the opportunity to take in some of Mr. White’s music, then you should probably get to it.

so.  get to it already.  chop chop.


~ by milyoo on June 9, 2010.

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