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i was chatting to a new friend the other night about 90’s chicago house and how that vibe is slowly creeping into dubstep.  funny thing is, it has always sorta been “in” dustep.  behold my much too simple, but nonetheless probing flow chart:

deep house  –> 2 step –> dubstep –> now

insightful (but succinct) musical histories aside, during the aforementioned conversation it was suggested i might check out Chicago Hotmix 5 legend Mike Dunn to get a glimpse of some ‘killing it’.

so i did.  and so he is.

in case you aren’t sure who Mike Dunn is.  he’s old school.  like day one, not like -O HAI, I CAN HAZ ABLETON LIVE 4 ONE YEAR!-  old school.  he wrote bangers like the one featured below that helped keep a much younger Milyoo on midwestern dance floors all night.

for some new ish from Mr. Dunn head over to his myspace and check out “My Love Iz Unconditional”.  it’s goooooood.


~ by milyoo on January 21, 2010.

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