LT11: Abyss

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really excellent film from our friends over at LT11.  features a few tracks from our releases on Opit and Saigon and Night Audio.  more to follow…

Nigel One

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really nice tracks.  full support from the entire staff here at Milyoo Inc.

Milyoo is Back in Business

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after a bit of a layoff to acclimate to this whole ‘son’ thing i am back in full swing.  hear that faint squeaking sound?

yeah.  that’s the swing.  my baby is in it.

Compromised:  i did a soundtrack for this wicked shooter available now on Xbox Live Arcade.

WNCL: We Are Family Vol. 1: another run through the sonic brush with my good friends over at WNCL (hi, bob!).  we are very excited about this one.  forthcoming late September.

Well Rounded Housing Project: Slow Spectrum: another compilation with a good friend.  this time it is music stalwart Ash over at Well Rounded.  In stores October 1st.

Abyss: North America’s Highest Bouldering: have a couple of tracks in this climbing film from the uber-talented folks over at Louder than 11.

Skateboard Whisperer

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so.  the album made it into the world in both digital and CD form.

here are some reviews.

Resident Advisor

The Quietus



Truants Blog




here are some interviews







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i’ve been in the studio lately.  it seems that just plugging my laptop up to the rig was enough to get me excited about tunes again.  so it goes.

i’ve been writing pretty standard fare in the genres of house and hip-hop, but my friends tell me its weird so i guess that’s good.  the clip behind the link is not part of this recent burst of sonic activity, but it’s about to be released to I thought I’d share.



Games/Colours on Opit

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it always seems silly to simultaneously (re)circulate release announcements through all 15.3 million veins of the social networking body.  i mean, i know the idea is to cast a wide net but virtually screaming about myself makes me – this guy – feel like a tool.  plus, to be honest, by the time the release hits stores i’m kinda over it.

bad cheerleader i guess.  at any rate, i like this one and if you haven’t already you might ought take a listen.

here are some reviews just in case you need a nudge:

oliver belcher